Pandora (パンドーラ(ぱんどーら), Pandoura) is an Another who cause great mayhem inside the north and south elevators of Shinjuku's City Hall.


Pandora is a beautiful woman clad in an all white clothing. She covers her head in a white cloth and walks around with a small box in her hands.


Pandora is selfish lady who would do actions which would only satisfy her. When she opened the box given as her dowry in wedding, she showed no sort of remorse while loosing the things inside the box. She also doesn't care when she learned from Arata that her work in the elevators causes disturbances to humans.


Pandora unintentionally caused disturbance when trying to gather the things she lost after opening the box that was gifted in her wedding. She started to search for the "sense of love" in Asia and one of the path appeared in Shinjuku City Hall's elevators where it started to teleport people with such feelings. While trying to maximize efficiency, the accuracy of the people with qualities she searches lessens. In the end, after filling her box with the "sense of love", she left for Europe.


The Box

The item that Pandora held in her hands which she sometimes sloppily handled. It contains bad things, sad feelings, diseases and crimes and all sort of things. Even as she was told, Pandora felt the need to open it. She cracked it open just a bit and they all flew off. The feelings of love fell in Asia.

Path Device

A slab like item used to observe which people holds feelings. This item also creates path from the space where Pandora is based to meet her needs. There are many so called paths created in different parts of Asia.


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