Nocturnal Community Relations Division (夜間地域交流課(やかんちいきこうりゅうか), Yakan Chīki Kōryū Ka) is a department set up at a ward office or city office as a section to promote exchange planning across people of various fields and positions and generations.

It is located in all ward offices but is a very special department, whose existence is hardly known to the general public. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government office has an organization called the Nocturnal Community Relations Division. However, the original job is to "promote exchanges and symbiosis between anothers and humans, and to collect the situation when problems arise in relation to the general public."

Also, every year, they travel in different places and offices to interact with other divisions, and the employees of each district work together to clear up cross-border projects.

Notable Divisions


Officers under this special division are given blue jumpers as uniforms with nametags. Usually, they wear the blue jumper over their white shirts and ties. Both men and women wears the same uniform.

Office Hours

City Hall Staffs

Morning Schedule of City Hall
  • 9:00 - Morning work starts
  • 12:00 - Break
  • 15:00 - Afternoon work ends

Nocturnal Staffs

Night Schedule
  • 19:00 - In the government office, Business hours
  • 20:00-22:00 - Patrol, Incident response
  • 00:00 - Break
  • 3:00 - Patrol, Incident response
  • 3:45 - In the government office, Business hours


  • Barrier Tape - a barrier tape with the ability to contain anothers
  • Ibn Ghazi - a bottle spray that can make anothers visible in the mortal eyes
  • Flashlight - unlike the normal flashlight in the anime, in manga, the flashlight is a different looking item with a rectangular glass piece in front. Can show marks or traces of Anothers.
  • Cigarette - An item not shown in the anime. In manga, Kyoichi lits a cigarette to show the yin strings attached to the girls in Mt. Hakoneyama.
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