Kanoichi Satoru (狩野一 悟(かのいち さとる)) is a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Division’s Nocturnal Culture and Environment Division. He is also related to Chiyoda Ward Nocturnal Community Relations Division.


Satoru has naturally black hair and eyes. There is a scar on his right eye brow, created from an incident when he was a boy and a man injured him in the eye in front of the Kanoichi God, Suzuka.


Satoru, like his other siblings, is a ruthless realist. They are opposed to understanding Another and mercilessly takes them on, and is basically trying to "eliminate" or “neutralize” Another. As he was a member of the Kanoichi Clan, he is well-versed in series of combinations of Yin-Yang.

He shows hints of trauma, as when he was young he suffered injury facing Suzuka, the Zashiki-warashi.


Satoru is from a long line of diviners who are rumored to have a massive amount of money at their disposal to get their hands on magical texts, both western and eastern. He is known as someone who has mixed both British and Japanese magic to make a name for himself.

Kanoichi Anti-Another

Kanoichi's anti-Another followers use items to his disposal, especially those involved in their work and usually have Kanoichi products, regardless of the individuals organization.

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