Sense of Loss and Proof of Despair (喪失感と絶望の証明, Sōshitsukan to Zetsubō no Shōmei) is the seventh episode of the series.


The another who is infamous for kidnapping young ladies was exposed as the demon Azazel. He who isn't able to accept the death of his human lover was on a quest to collect different parts of the woman. Arata, Kyoichi and Seo learned that women's school was where Azazel was hiding. While they searched for the specific place, Kohako appeard before them in tje hallway and invited them in hell. However they were already too late as Azazel has taken the last parts from Izumi and Shiori.

Characters Appearance in Order

Anothers Appearance in Order

Anime and Manga Differences

  • In manga, Arata went back to the City Hall and saw Seo punch Kyoichi before they pursued Azazel.
  • In manga, Kyoichi didn't use a gun but a Buddhist prayer beads and he didn't pointed his weapon to Azazel; Belphegor didn't interfered until Kyoichi was about to move to kill Azazel which is after his sister lost her sight.
  • In manga, Izumi quickly composed herself after regaining her strength.
  • After Azazel killed his lover, the lost body parts of the girls were immediately given back to them unlike in the anime, it took a while before they regained them.


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