The Trickster with Amber Eyes (琥珀の瞳のトリックスター, Kohaku no Hitomi no Torikkusutā) is the 3rd episode of the series Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin.


Kyoichi scolds Arata after naively touching a magic circle which is actually a ritual for Kyoushi. They found themselves underground in the Hakoneyama where World War 2 corpses were stored while an Another was floating behind them, he called Arata Seimei.

Characters Appearance in Order

Anothers Appearance in Order

Anime and Manga Differences

  • This story was supposed to be after Episode 5.
  • Seo curry-favor with the faries in the Shinjuku Imperial Garden by giving them snacks.
  • Kyoichi didn't cover Arata's mouth when Kyoushi's passed by. He was next seen smoking. A special kind of cigarette.


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